This is the blog portion of my personal site, which is currently dedicated to keeping track of my web design portfolio. I plan on including details/information on the different web development projects and related work I’ve been involved with┬áhere.

Some background on me: I am a library student currently in the GSLIS program at the University of Illinois, interested in furthering my education and career opportunities in the field of library and information science. I have a background in International Studies and linguistics, and experience working with English language learners at a variety of different levels. I am interested in multicultural approaches in library and information science that recognize, respect, and celebrate diverse populations of users. I am also enthusiastic about the use of technology in libraries and related information institutions, with particular experience and emphasis on UX-focused web design and associated best practices. I have a working knowledge of responsive web design, as well as web accessibility and related issues. I am interested in cultviating these skills and interests further within the field of LIS, especially in the context of promoting usability in library products and tools.

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