JavaScript foundations

This week I focused on JavaScript. The two main resources I’m using currently are:

I’ve been pleased with these two resources so far. I started with the video. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, since the instructor didn’t really begin by explaining any of the basics or syntax of JavaScript. Instead, he just sort of jumped in with different examples of things that can be done with JavaScript, without walking through step-by-step what each line of code meant. Luckily, I’ve had some experience with JavaScript in the past, so I found myself able to follow along (with some occasional trips to Google). Overall I felt like it offered a lot of useful tips and ideas for how JavaScript can be incorporated into a website.

Codecademy was a nice counterpoint, providing the more detailed explanations of the language and its particular syntax and rules. I’m not done with the Codecademy tutorial yet, and plan on continuing it into next week.

I’m not sure yet if or how I’m going to be incorporating JavaScript into my WordPress themes, but I definitely know that as I go forward in pursuing front-end web development projects that it will be an invaluable skill to have and cultivate further. This week I was able to combine what I was learning about JavaScript with a separate project I’ve been working on — studying German. Though it’s currently very basic in capabilities, I put together a site using PHP and JavaScript that allows me to quiz myself on German vocabulary. Each list of vocab words is stored in a PHP array, which is brought into the page, shuffled, and the English word is output in an ordered list. The German equivalent is placed in the corresponding ID tag of the li element it belongs with. The JavaScript then compares the user input to see if it exactly matches the German string in the list id. If it does, upon submitting the form, the German word appears in green. If not, the German word appears in red.

Next week I will continue studying JavaScript, as well as working on my mockup of the design of my first theme. The instructor also listed several other tutorials related to JavaScript that I am interested in looking into further, either this upcoming week or when time allows.

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